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Permanent Magnet Generators

Permanent magnet generators are superior alternatives to traditional induction motors that can be coupled with turbines, diesel generators and used for hybrid vehicles. One of the biggest benefits of permanent magnet generators is that these do not require definite environmental conditions to work properly which allows them to be used for wind energy and water energy projects. Permanent magnet generators are relatively easy to set up and these are also small in size which further adds to the mobility and helps in saving space in a place where these are installed.

A permanent magnet generator is a gadget that changes over mechanical vitality to electrical vitality. In this gadget the rotor windings have been supplanted with changeless magnets. These gadgets don't require a different DC supply for the excitation circuit or do they have slip rings and contact brushes. The permanent magnet generator are better options than customary enlistment engines that can be combined with turbines, diesel generators and utilized for half and half vehicles. Another significant bit of leeway is that these machines doesn't require a particular workplace and thus can be utilized in wind and water machines.

The PMG can be a DC voltage machine with brushes and rotational authority or considerably more much of the time an AC synchronous multiphase machine though the stator and rotor attractive fields are turning at a similar speed. This wipes out the excitation misfortunes in the rotor, which generally commonly speak to 20 to 30 percent of the complete generator misfortunes. The diminished misfortunes additionally give a lower temperature ascend in the generator, which implies that a littler and less difficult cooling framework can be utilized. In the event that you are thinking about a changeless magnet DC generator, at that point the inductor will be found at the stator with a variety of permanent magnets. Be that as it may, if there should arise an occurrence of an AC generator the inductor is situated at the rotor with a get together of changeless magnets.

A PMG lessens loses in the rotor by 20 to 30 percent. Along these lines we get an a lot cooler framework. This temperature decrease likewise lessens the temperature of the course and subsequently improves the dependability and the lifetime of the heading. Ongoing advancements in PMG innovation have been made conceivable by a critical improvement of the attractive materials during the previous decade. A little bit of Neodymium Boron Iron (NeFeB) is multiple times more grounded than the conventional ones produced using ferrite tycoon. Consequently with further research we can improve the quality and unwavering quality of these gadgets.

The interest for these gadgets is expanding step by step. With the expanding cost of power individuals are searching for a substitute wellspring of vitality and the permanent magnet generator splendidly fits in that spot. These gadgets don't utilize any ecological assets to deliver vitality and in this manner are condition cordial. Other than no wastage or by items is produced from these gadget during the time spent vitality age. Condition specialists suggest the utilization of perpetual magnet generators as these can lessen the effect of contamination by up to half.

A perpetual magnet alternator is an electrical generator making the change from mechanical vitality to AC electrical vitality. The permanent magnet alternator is by rule a multiphase AC synchronous machine and all the more especially a 3 stage machine conveying a fair arrangement of AC voltages and flows, in which both statoric and rotoric attractive fields are turning synchronously that is to state at a similar speed. The excitation of the perpetual magnet alternator or inductor is made by changeless magnets clung to the rotor. There are structures of permanent magnet alternators with interior rotor and outside stator on one hand and structures of changeless magnet alternators with inner stator and outer rotor then again. Be that as it may, the permanent magnet alternators with outside stator are all the more performing as far as capacity to-weight and torque-to-weight on the grounds that the cooling of statoric windings is simpler when the stator is in contact with the air. The PMSGEN permanent magnet alternator manufacturers in India have outer stator and inner rotor and are energized by solid uncommon earth perpetual magnets.

Wind turbines were regularly outfitted with nonconcurrent generators requiring increasing the speed of rotor so as to deliver the ideal electrical power. Changeless magnet alternators are very minimal contrasted with offbeat generators and permit disentangled mechanical reconciliation on account of being immediate driving by the rotor. The proficiency of permanent magnet alternators manufacturers is higher than that of asynchronous generators manufacturers.

Both the engines and the alternators can be utilized in processing plant mechanization, practice bicycles, smaller scale lattices, vitality recuperation frameworks, electric vehicles, forklift battery charging, cell towers, traffic lights and that's just the beginning. We offer redid surrounding of changeless magnet engines, just as the alternators. The engines offer more prominent efficiencies in servo-mechanical frameworks and, similar to the alternators, the points of interest incorporate higher productivity, cost enhancement, lower-support activity and smaller size. Sustainable power source has acquired different types of productivity, and it's beneficial to have a "preceding" and "after" record to show governments and investors.

Product Description

Permanent Magnet Generators provide the optimal solution for industries worldwide. They improve efficiency and reduce maintenance. The generators can be coupled with co-generation systems that deliver optimum cost savings from innovative technology.

We provide PMG Wind & Hydro Turbine the ideal solution to the wind industry. Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of qualitative products. From 1kw to 63kw pmg wind turbine, A Permanent Magnet Generator is a perfect choice for small wind turbine applications.

Parameters across RPM

Our PMG's are efficient across whole RPM ranges. See for yourself.


PMG(5 KW) PMG(20 KW)
Rated Power 5 KilloWatt 20 KilloWatt
RPM 350 500
Pole 20 12
Single Phase 220 volts ±(5%) 415 volts ±(5%)
Amperes 25 30.9
Efficiency 90%+ 90%+
Rated Torque 131 NM 365 NM
Insulation H Class H Class
Working Temperature -40ºC to 80ºC -40ºC to 80ºC